National Asian/Pacific Islander Council,
an affiliated council of the American Association for Community Colleges (AACC)


NAPIC President's Statement on DACA on behalf of the Council

October 2017

The National Asian Pacific Islander Council (NAPIC) stands in solidarity with DREAMer students who attend our colleges with the hopes and goals of becoming educated and well-trained members of the communities we serve. The 800,000 DREAMer students, who are impacted by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA), identify the United States of America as their country, to which they pledge their total allegiance.

We also stand with our parent organization, the American Association of Community Colleges, with our fellow Asian American and Pacific Islander organizations, APAHE and LEAP, and with the many colleges we represent. As a unified voice, we ask that the decision by the President of the United States and members of Congress to rescind the DACA program be reconsidered and we ask that DACA be reinstated as a part of a comprehensive immigration agenda that honors human dignity, retains diverse talents, and strengthens the American democracy.

We believe that our foremost duty is to serve the educational needs of everyone in our regions, and uphold the mission of community colleges to create high quality educational access and opportunity that contribute to our local, regional and national economies and communities. We believe that immigrants as our cultural heritage add value to our democracy and contribute to our growing economy.

As a coalition of Asian American and Pacific Islander educational leaders, we are compelled to add to the chorus of voices in higher education that are coming together to protect our students in their educational pursuit. We know that our DREAMer students make significant contributions, and we call on our national leadership to honor their dedication and commitment to this country and to their education.

Shouan Pan
President, NAPIC

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