National Asian/Pacific Islander Council,
an affiliated council of the American Association for Community Colleges (AACC)




The following compendium includes current articles and resources related to Asian/Pacific Islanders in community colleges and other diversity issues and directions.

Race/ethnicity and Gender of Community College CEOs 2017
2013 iCount Report
AACC Fact Sheet 2016
April 2015 - ACE Presentation

Best Practices for Student Services

Articles by or about NAPIC Board members:

Secretary King to Co-Chair the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Article by Anna Solley and Naomi Story on Diversity and Leadership in the 21st Century in February 9, 2015, Volume 25, No. 9 issue of The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

Anthony Beebe’s article in Community College Journal

Article about Lori Adrian and Coastline

Articles about Shirley Metcalf appointment as President At Central Oregon CC, The Bend Bulletin, and The Source Weekly

Article about Gerald Napoles’ appointment as President

Diverse Issues in Higher Education, our very own Pam Eddinger is the cover story with an inscription "Success Story, Bunker Hill CC seeks the best for the 14,000 students she serves."

Rachel Solemsaas appointed Hawai'i Community College Chancellor

"Jan Yoshiwara chosen to head Washington state community colleges board"

Article on Henry C.V. Yong - "Yosemite Community College District taps Silicon Valley campus president for chancellor"

Evelyn Bui, Social Justice Desertation on API Leadership